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Speed Demons [entries|friends|calendar]
Handicapped Parking Is Fun

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New to Group [02 Jan 2009|11:50am]

Hi. I'm new to the group and to LJ as well! I'm almost 24 years old and have serve CP. I'm a college student in Travel and Tourism. I want to use this journal of mine to write about living with CP I just started my account yesterday though so I don't know much about LJ! Tell me are there any other groups that are wicked for the disabled? Do I always have to post here for you guys to read or not? Add me if you want!
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[09 Oct 2005|04:43am]
[ mood | lonely ]

Single, lonely and horny and looking for short or long term female companionship. If you are between 20-34 single, female, live into or near NYC or Connecticut share at least some of my interests and want to hang out or at least talk. please respond.

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[08 May 2005|10:14pm]

sorry I haven't been on live journal in forever I want to thank everyone to being sooooo friendly thank you all for your aims , emails, and comments your support meant alot to me I think im finally starting to feel better about myself and my hanicap and Im looking forward to having an awesome summer I hope you all have a good one too yes Im still on the "job hunt" and I plan to be until I find an employer willing to give me a chance. I can do anything I set my mind too and I guess that I just have to keep that in mind all the time and same goes for you feel good about yourself we're great don't let anyone get you down because of your hanicap if you do your life will pass you by finally it's dawning on me that I don't care what people think of me or my hanicap I don't care that I'm in a wheelchair or that im alittle over weight or that Im single there's only 1 me and that's what makes me special because I'M ME!!! and I shouldn't have to just always keep that in mind we're awesome your awesome

have an great summer live life have fun! :-)
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[17 Jan 2005|02:11am]

hmmm So my mom got a letter today about the waiting list for a hanicapped car controls help and apparently the waiting has 1000 people on it. Sooo I don't really know what we're going to do... 1000 people man..that's alot.. So if someone wants to send me a glimpse of hope about getting hand controls before im 40 please help... Guys I do appreciate all the comments and emails that I've gotten. I do care alot that you told the time to give me advice :-). I've been trying to get a hold on the people who gave me comments. the best way to reach me is probably by aim and email. my names on my page.

cool background ever man
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New Group for People with CP - Crossposted to various places [09 Jan 2005|09:00pm]
Hey I'm new here! Hows everyone doing?

My name is Emma and I'm 23 from the UK. I have cp and I've set up a yahoo! group for people with cp and there friends/families/carers. So basically it's for anyone who wants to join, LOL. It's here: http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/livecp/ if anyone wants to take a look. It's very similar to this group but we do have some poems and essays and things posted about living with CP that some of our members have written.

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[12 Oct 2004|11:45pm]

Hi, I'm new. My name's Joy. I'm 24 and have chronically dislocating kneecaps. That's the short version. extended versionCollapse ) While I still work the knees a lot with pt exercises, I had to give in to the dr's suggestion of permanent handicapped parking. I've also gained about 30lbs in the past two years because the injuries have made it extremely difficult to work out. But I finally got an AbLounge a few mos ago which allows me to do crunches without being on the floor or hurting my back or neck.

One of my customers also pointed me to this site, and it's GREAT! Accessories for crutches and cane, eating, writing, and bathing devices, tips for travelers, etc. Check out BrokenBeauties.com : )
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new community [24 Aug 2004|03:15am]

[ mood | awake ]

Hey I wanted whoever is interested to know that I created a new community for those who like to express themselves but might be a little embarrassed to do so.... its calledCollapse )

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i hate normal people [19 Aug 2004|08:36pm]
[ mood | scared ]

All my life normal people have used, abused and discarded me simply because they could

Today is no exception.

My PCA who is SUPPOSED come to my house two days week for three hours a day but he NEVER comes when he is supposed to, only comes when he happens to be in the area and gives
me no warning. HE takes me to his girlfriend's house and leaves me there when he is read y, which is up to two hours

He does not like me and treats me like he is doing a favor just by doing his job.

He only takes me to the places that HE wants to take me and only sometimes take me where I want to go.

He "borrowed" $2 from me and said he would payu me back when I he got change but he never did.

He makes me sign for six hours even if he only is out for an hour.

ANd worse comes to worse, after all this, he asked me to put RAM in his computer for him.

I need a hug. Why do people are me.

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driving questionS........ [29 Jun 2004|09:47am]
[ mood | curious ]

Answer this questions and you'll be my favorite cripple EVER:)

Does anyone know how to find hand controls for a car?
Does anybody know how spastic you have to be to be unallowed to drive?
If an EEG comes back that exstreamly painful headaches be and most likely are a very mild form of siezures , will they let me drive?

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ummmm [05 Jun 2004|07:32pm]
I haven't written in any kind of Lj of a long time because I've made some awful mistakes and I don't want to hurt anybody else any more. But I have had real selfesteem issues dealing with my CP lately and kind of think it would help to them down and get feedback....

I have always had a weird self-deprecating feeling about the way me knees turn in and often knock together. But nobody has ever made fun of that aspect of my disability until recently and really got me. I had a pool party yesterday and I invited who’d never seen me outside of school and the zoo (which means she’d never seen me walk before) and when I came out of the house she just randomly started laughing. I asked her what was so funny and she said. “Your legs are sticks and your knees are red form being banged together.” I was so embarrassed that I almost went back inside but I couldn’t because it was my party. Then today I went to get my eyebrows done and my shirt rode up in the front exposing my stomach and the lady doing my eyes pitch my stomach and joked,” I think you should move that down to your skinny little legs.” I thought I was going to cry I felt so ugly. I know that in reality I’m 5 lbs underweight and that I can’t help the whole leg thing but I hate it. Sometimes I just wish I was invisible.
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driving.. [06 Jun 2004|12:09am]

[ mood | needing a wee ]

How would I go about learning to drive with hemiplegia, spastic Cerebral Palsy? Any suggestions and advice would be grateful

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[28 Apr 2004|06:27pm]
hey first post here :) so how are you all! anyone here live in washington dc? we could get togather or just add me if ur in DC or maryland.... so yea umm being crippled sux cuz of all the pity and staring but its also alot of fun. my ferinds love riding in my wheelchair and doing wheelies the only downside is getting in and out of chai... requires help.. i hate help
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[16 Apr 2004|05:42pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Hi my name is Bethan or as some people call me Kee.

I'm 19 years old and I come from Wrexham in North Wales, UK. 

At the moment I'm studying Media studies A-level in six-form college. But who knows what I'll do in the future. Hopefully find a job with loads of money.

I suffer with Cerebral Palsy but I don't let it get me down. I try do do as much with my life as i possibly can.

As I suffer with Cerebral Palsy I have created a UK based community for it. </font></strong></a></strong></font></a>cp_uk  Please take a look it and post/join if you wish.

I hope to get to know more people with disabilities just like me. Everyone is welcome to add my journal as well as my community.

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Rather quiet here [09 Dec 2003|07:01am]

Hi everyone! The last few days I have been spending my time on trying to finish this site and a certain background. Well, any suggestions on the site?

What are you guys doing for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa whatever holiday you celebrate for winter?

And also, those of you using crutches... how do you handle ice? this is my first winter when I think it will be really icy and I'm on crutches.
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WaterDance--crossposted to ericstoltz [14 Oct 2003|12:40pm]

Hi all.
I was wondering if anyone has seen Waterdance with Eric Stoltz and if anyone liked it as much as I did and if anyone knows if it is available on DVD?
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JOAN OF ARCADIA [28 Sep 2003|07:42pm]

hey everyone look what some one wote about my show . I loved Jason Ritter as her older brother. What's this??? A young person in a wheelchair on TV??? I'm shocked! hum well there right ppl in wheelchair should not be able to be anywhere
they should be kaep away from us. who know we could get a wheelchair bug " keep them a way " that goes for all my friends richard dustin josh. keep away i don't want your bug
some ppl just becaues of that i hope Jason Ritter AKA kavin stay's that way for the hole show haha beside everone with sci love's it i want on the carecure site for sci they loved the show so far it would just piss them off if he walk's well got to go i still love my friends
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[15 Sep 2003|06:13pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

I'm really effing spastic right now. I'm so tired of carrying myself around on my crutches. I walk down the road and I'm out of breath. It's about time for another surgery, but I really don't wanna do it. I HATE being in a wheelchair, and if I get a surgery, I'll be in one for three months with a cast and like 4 more with out one. It's bullshit. I need to get it done, but I keep asking myself if it's worth just to do it again in later years....

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New Mobility [14 Sep 2003|10:13am]

Does anyone here read the New Mobility magazine?
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Wheelchair woes [07 Sep 2003|02:56pm]


Okay, so it is now not about not being able to run any more. Or walk. Or anything. But I can't even get around with this darn wheelchair! I just *finally* got a wheelchair but it is a manual one and I just simply... can't handle it right now. It is driving me crazy, it was way better before I had one and I just knew that I couldn't get around, but now it is annoying, frustrating and I hate this situattion right now.
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Walker for highschool? [22 Aug 2003|09:02am]
I went to the highschool yesterday , and walked around to check out wear my classes were.... as did the whole freshman class. Everyone thinks I'm totally insane , but I honestly think it might actually be easier if I skip the wheelchair and just use my walker to get around.
For the following reasons:
1.) I won't have to push up all the weird- shaped ramps.
2.) I'll be able to reach the locker standing up.
3.) I can move through crowds faster, I tend to walk faster then I roll, unless I'm pushed or in a big place (i.e. the mall, the city, a zoo, a concert)
4.) I won't to ask people to help as much, I am kind of shy about that.

I used my chair in Middle school because it was 4 floors, 5 counting the floor I couldn't even get to. And that building was super old , I was the first handicap to attend school there, there is a junoir with MS but she went to Powell (the other/newer Jr. High). So anyway there no elevators only lifts that my walker to tall for , one ramp and and one cargo-mover I had to ust to get to the health room. So using my chair was the obvious choice.

I really think my walker is just as obvious this year it'll be hard to use the chairin more then one occaisson that I noticed. My dad said , the highschool is even bigger then RMS and if I couldn't handle that I can't handle the highschool. I don't think that's true , this school is a LOT more accessiable and my walker will work. Why don't you tell me what you think? I could use some advice!
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