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driving questionS........

Answer this questions and you'll be my favorite cripple EVER:)

Does anyone know how to find hand controls for a car?
Does anybody know how spastic you have to be to be unallowed to drive?
If an EEG comes back that exstreamly painful headaches be and most likely are a very mild form of siezures , will they let me drive?
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2. Nope, but as long as you DON'T tell thme about the headaches being possible seizures and as long as you have a licence, you can probably

Richard Hudson

Autistic man who likes cute girl crips
I happen to be autistic. The question is......

Am I welcome here, or is this yet another place where I'm an unwelcome outsider?

Piss On Pity

"Of course, in order to cure my disability, madam, you would either have to scoop my brain out of my head and replace it with another one, or carve it up into so many peices that even if I survived the treatment, I would either be
a completely diffirent person or a vegetable. So you must understand that "curing" autism is not just getting rid of my disability, it means KILLING me"

Why Autistic people hate attempts to "cure us.
1. I know people that use golf clubs and duct tape.

It works well, unless you're pulled over by a cop. Then you have to do some explaining.