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Hi, I'm new. My name's Joy. I'm 24 and have chronically dislocating kneecaps. That's the short version. I was born with a dislocated hip and arthrogryposis in my left leg. I first subluxed my right knee when I was 12, and it continued until I was 18. Also chipped a bone in my hip around the age of 12. There were no big problems for nearly four years until I completely dislocated my right knee while out dancing two years ago. My previous orthopedist only dealt with pediatrics, leaving me in a search. So I went with the dr recommended by the er - big mistake. Anyone in the Chicago area should know that M&M Ortho's nickname is Mayhem & Malpractice. The dr kept me immobilized MUCH longer than I should have been, resulting in more scar tissue inside my knee than most people who'd actually had surgery. Then last November, I completely dislocated my left "good" knee - it was stuck to the side of my leg for over an hour. I found a new dr, and he suggested the green procedure - where they would cut the muscles and attach them to the kneecaps to keep them in place. But I was born with arthrogryposis, meaning I have extremely weak muscles in my left leg. So the green procedure would be a HORRIBLE idea. It's now been eleven months, and I still can't walk any distances without crutches. I can do small spaces with a severe limp, but the left knee often tries to give out. While I still work the knees a lot with pt exercises, I had to give in to the dr's suggestion of permanent handicapped parking. I've also gained about 30lbs in the past two years because the injuries have made it extremely difficult to work out. But I finally got an AbLounge a few mos ago which allows me to do crunches without being on the floor or hurting my back or neck.

One of my customers also pointed me to this site, and it's GREAT! Accessories for crutches and cane, eating, writing, and bathing devices, tips for travelers, etc. Check out : )
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