Richard Hudson (rhduson765) wrote in thekrippledkids,
Richard Hudson

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i hate normal people

All my life normal people have used, abused and discarded me simply because they could

Today is no exception.

My PCA who is SUPPOSED come to my house two days week for three hours a day but he NEVER comes when he is supposed to, only comes when he happens to be in the area and gives
me no warning. HE takes me to his girlfriend's house and leaves me there when he is read y, which is up to two hours

He does not like me and treats me like he is doing a favor just by doing his job.

He only takes me to the places that HE wants to take me and only sometimes take me where I want to go.

He "borrowed" $2 from me and said he would payu me back when I he got change but he never did.

He makes me sign for six hours even if he only is out for an hour.

ANd worse comes to worse, after all this, he asked me to put RAM in his computer for him.

I need a hug. Why do people are me.
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