sarcastictears (sarcastictears) wrote in thekrippledkids,

Walker for highschool?

I went to the highschool yesterday , and walked around to check out wear my classes were.... as did the whole freshman class. Everyone thinks I'm totally insane , but I honestly think it might actually be easier if I skip the wheelchair and just use my walker to get around.
For the following reasons:
1.) I won't have to push up all the weird- shaped ramps.
2.) I'll be able to reach the locker standing up.
3.) I can move through crowds faster, I tend to walk faster then I roll, unless I'm pushed or in a big place (i.e. the mall, the city, a zoo, a concert)
4.) I won't to ask people to help as much, I am kind of shy about that.

I used my chair in Middle school because it was 4 floors, 5 counting the floor I couldn't even get to. And that building was super old , I was the first handicap to attend school there, there is a junoir with MS but she went to Powell (the other/newer Jr. High). So anyway there no elevators only lifts that my walker to tall for , one ramp and and one cargo-mover I had to ust to get to the health room. So using my chair was the obvious choice.

I really think my walker is just as obvious this year it'll be hard to use the chairin more then one occaisson that I noticed. My dad said , the highschool is even bigger then RMS and if I couldn't handle that I can't handle the highschool. I don't think that's true , this school is a LOT more accessiable and my walker will work. Why don't you tell me what you think? I could use some advice!
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